To our valued supporters:

The Manitoba government is still debating the approval of expenditures on its Homelessness Strategy, which we are expecting to be released this fall. We know the Province has the financial resources to respond to our calls to action – please share our op-ed published by the Winnipeg Free Press.

We need your help to send one final message to ensure investments in housing and income supports are approved in the Provincial Homelessness Strategy.

The Manitoba government recently announced that there will be an increase in income supports for people on EIA. But it has remained silent on its plans to build more social housing.

Will you join us in reaching out to the Premier, Minister of Finance, and Minister of Families?

We are asking to ensure the Homelessness Strategy includes the following initiatives:

  • Building 300 net new units of publicly owned rent-geared-to-income housing (social housing) annually for at least 5 years.
  • Eliminating the number of social housing units sitting vacant because of previous cuts to Manitoba Housing’s operating budget.
  • Increasing the Employment and Income Assistance (EIA) Basic Needs Benefit to raise the incomes of all Manitobans to at least 75% of the poverty line.

To help ensure these investments are included in the Homelessness Strategy, send an email to Treasury Board Ministers using our email template today.

Thank you for joining us in this final push to make sure the Provincial Homelessness Strategy has a chance to succeed.


The Right to Housing Coalition and Make Poverty History Manitoba

PS: If you’re looking for more information about our policy recommendations, check out our two-page Campaign Backgrounder.

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