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Invest to end homelessness

Thanks to everyone who joined our call for an end to homelessness in Manitoba’s 2022 Budget.

The Budget did not include any new funding to build more social housing or to increase basic needs income benefits.

We can’t stop now.

The Manitoba government is releasing its homelessness strategy this spring. People who participated in the consultation process from all over the province and across sectors called for the strategy to include a major expansion to social housing and increases to income benefits that keep up with inflation.
We will not end homelessness without housing or income to remain stably housed.

There are 3 things you can do:

1.Contact the Minister of Families and your MLA and tell them you believe the homelessness strategy will fail unless it:

  • Invests in 300 net new units of publicly owned rent-geared-to-income housing (social housing) annually for at least 5 years.
  • Increases the Employment and Income Assistance (EIA) basic needs benefit to raise the incomes of all Manitobans to at least 75% of the poverty line. More information about these actions can be found in our two-page backgrounder.

2. Endorse the campaign! More than 40 organizations have already signed on to endorse these actions. Email us to add your organization’s name to the growing list of supporters.

3. Check out our social media channels and share the campaign.