Manitoba’s throne speech won’t end homelessness without social housing

The Manitoba government will announce its plans for the upcoming year on November 21 during the speech from the throne. The speech will focus on ending chronic homelessness, fixing health care, and affordability.

We need your help to ensure Manitoba’s plans include investments in social housing. We cannot end homelessness without housing. More than 90 organizations have endorsed the 5 pillars in Right to Housing’s Social Housing Action Plan for Manitoba

Email Manitoba’s Cabinet Ministers today and call on them to include the 5 pillars in the speech from the throne. 

Use the sample message below to help you craft your email:

Dear Ministers

My name is __________ and I am writing about the 2023 speech from the throne. I was pleased to see that the Manitoba government has prioritized ending chronic homelessness in its plans for the upcoming year. I believe that Manitoba will not end homelessness without social housing.

I support the 5 pillars of the Right to Housing coalition’s Social Housing Action Plan for Manitoba and urge your government to include action on each of these pillars when it delivers the speech from the throne on November 21.

  • Increase the social housing supply by 1,000 rent-geared-to-income units annually for at least 10 years.
  • Protect existing social housing to ensure no loss of rent-geared-to-income units due to disrepair, lack of subsidies, or the sale of properties.
  • Increase and stabilize funding to ensure all social housing tenants have access to comprehensive supports with a minimum ratio of 1 support worker per 100 units.
  • Enhance security of tenure by limiting exemptions to rent regulations, limiting above-guideline rent increases, disallowing rent discounts, enhancing compensation for no-fault evictions, and ensuring evictions occur as a last resort.
  • Support and partner with social enterprises to provide people facing barriers to employment with training and employment in the construction and maintenance of social housing.


Cabinet Ministers emails: